Lower Taxes

Residents often complain of high property taxes in Kendall county. Gabriella will fight to keep property taxes in check by not raising the levy at the county board level. Instead, she plans to attract businesses and industry to the area to widen the tax base to take the burden off of homeowners.

Efficient Government

Gabriella believes that by streamlining processes and departments, the county will be able to modernize and excel into the future ultimately benefitting taxpayers.

Protecting Our Communities

Gabriella is a strong supporter of first responders. She believes that equipping officers with the skills, training, and equipment they need to be successful will ensure our local communities are safe.

Infrastructure and Services

Gabriella believes that infrastructure improvements will progress Kendall county forward. By investing in our county’s infrastructure, we can attract business and industry into the area. Gabriella points to the Wikaduke Trail completion as an essential component to forward progress.