Gabriella Shanahan

Kendall County Board District 2

Kendall County is the fastest-growing county in Illinois once again, therefore it is important that we continue to modernize county government to meet the needs of our residents. I need your help as I work to enhance and preserve all the facets of Kendall County that make this county unique and great!

Kendall County Board

The County Board is an elected body that sets county policy, ordinances, and budget appropriations for programs. The Board consists of ten members elected from two districts on a partisan basis to four-year, staggered terms. However, every ten years Illinois statute requires one election to fill all Board positions, and staggering occurs through a random drawing for two or four-year terms


As Kendall County Board Member, Gabriella will do everything she can to keep Kendall county from falling victim to inefficient government, higher taxes, and struggling businesses.

Help Gabriella Get Elected

There’s a lot to do between now and June 28th and your support makes a difference. Together, we can enhance and preserve the parts of Kendall that make the county unique.


“It has been my privilege to represent the residents of Kendall County district 2 for the last decade. I’m proud to endorse Gabby as a common-sense conservative who will carry on our pro-taxpayer, pro-economic development, pro-transparency, and pro-Kendall policies. With her experience on the finance committee of the health board and masters degree in finance, she is well-positioned to be a strong financial steward for our county!”

Scott Gryder
Kendall County Board Chairman

“I have known Gabby for several years. She has served our county community in many different roles and excels in these positions. Gabby has my complete support and I believe she will be an excellent County Board Member.”

Matthew Prochaska
Kendall County Circut Clerk

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